Europe’s Best Casino Hotels

Whether you are planning on getting away for a couple of days, you don’t want to miss out on the perfect European casino with some of the best gambling action in the world. For example, the beautiful city of Nice is famous for a lot of things. Nice’s luxurious location on the Mediterranean is one of the most visited places in France. As a result of its cultural riches, the charm of its various neighborhoods, beautiful stone beaches and a list of the best restaurants.

All this makes this beautiful little city a very popular place for all travelers. It would be a too bad if during your next visit to the area you were to miss out on the casino Ruhl. One of the iconic features of the city, the legendary casino Ruhl is the temple of activity for Nice and the surrounding areas. Keep an eye out for hotel deals to some of Europe’s best Casinos and top-secret hotel destinations and make the most of you next traveling opportunity.

However, if you are in Europe and this close to Italy, you should really take a train and visit the beautiful city of Venice. The world’s first casino first opened its doors in Venice, Italy. This happened in 1638 when the fabulous city of Venice initially became popular throughout the world and first caught some international attention. What makes this casino so special is that it is spread out all over the city. Because the city is floating on an island, the Venice casino could not bandarq to its existing original building, besides there is little room around the original location. So, to expand its operations the Casino’s only chance was to spread to different locations around the island. European cities are not like Vegas where you can just buy the building next door and blow it up just to make room.

The experience of gambling in an exclusive European casino can be a very exciting attraction. You may be gambling next to royalty. At London’s private Clermont Club you will find few extravaganzas. The Casino doesn’t have any fancy boutiques or theatrical performances, but you are welcome to spend some winnings on Champagne or other pleasantries. However, you may just find yourself sitting in the company of royalty.

Another one of Europe’s old world casinos is the famous Monte Carlo Casino. Opened in 1863 with the idea of catering to royalty and the wealthy, the entire area is one large recreational area for the rich. The comforts of Casino de Monte Carlo include family amusement at the beach as well as world class gambling.

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