How To Choose The Right advertorial

Just a few months ago a client asked to compose advertising copy for a new condominium project. Her client is a seasoned real estate agent with many projects she’s worked on. Her question was – what kind of material will she choose to use for this project? Her original idea was to use an ad in the local newspaper with a condo theme.

So, she went online and looked up some choices. Most advertising on the web these days is done in the style of “news” or “information”. One condominium she was considering, she came across an article about another agent who wrote an excellent advertorial about the project. The article was written in a personal, light tone, while still being informative. It ended with recommendations for the project.

The client wasn’t sure if she wanted to pursue that option. She also wasn’t sure how much she could afford to spend on such a service, but she was intrigued by the prospect of learning from someone who had so much experience. So, she decided to give it a try. What she found was that there were a lot of benefits to using a good advertorial.

First of all, she was getting a highly targeted audience. Everyone who reads newspapers and magazines is much more likely to be interested in this specific project than someone who reads a financial paper. So her audience became much wider. Her second benefit was the quality of the message. With newspaper and magazine ads, the message is usually one-dimensional. The client can see the ad, but she doesn’t necessarily know anything more about the property or the selling practices.

Online advertising works in different ways. Sometimes the audience is vast, with many potential buyers. At other times, it’s targeted to a specific group of people. Either way, you are communicating with people who have given their attention to your advertorial. And you will get the reaction you are looking for: positive.

An advertorial doesn’t have to cost any money. You can outsource it if you want, or simply take on a freelance writer. The best project is one where you have an immediate interest in the property and the client feels they are hearing directly from you. Whether you are taking on a project yourself or outsourcing, it’s vital that you listen to your clients.

Once you hear back from a client, go over the response carefully. Ask what made them choose your project over another. What did they like about it? Did they see any red flags that would have tipped them off to something else?

It’s always important to be respectful. Your clients might not be ready to commit to your project yet. But by being professional and listening to their concerns, they will respect you as an advertiser. You’ll create an even better advertorial for them when you are confident that they are ready to give you their money. Then you won’t waste your time showing them the next great property or new blog they can jump on board with.

When you have chosen your client, you’ll know the best way to approach them. You don’t have to sell right away. You have to present the benefits of your service first. Then highlight any special offers you are offering for this project. For example, you could offer a discount for pre-approved credit card payments, or an exclusive club access to a members only website. The newly launched is a one stop shop for all marketing and advertising needs.

You want to be respectful without being pushy. Your client doesn’t want to feel like they are being sold to. They want you to give them their money’s worth. So give them the freedom to decide if this project is right for them.

Lastly, the advertorial shouldn’t be something that is just put in front of them. The client will likely view your advertorial multiple times before making a decision. That means you need to make sure that your text is captivating and compelling. Plus, you want your text to look nice and professionally done.

Your advertorial should be well thought out and written. It has to be concise and easy to read. It needs to tell your clients what you want them to accomplish with your campaign while still remaining professional. Once you’ve got your clients’ attention, they’ll know how much you care about your business.

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