Flirting Body Language Tip to Help You Approach

When it comes to flirting body language, us guys are not the most intuitive of people. Women seem to be born with an innate ability to able to flirt built into their DNA, but for men, this whole process just seems a little harder and more Niteflirtphonesex.

I know this, because it’s something I also used to struggle with greatly. Then one day, after going back to my flat alone again after a night out and feeling sorry for myself that my mates all had women and I was too afraid to even talk to them, I decided to do something about it.

I started to look online for information on flirting and boy; I was amazed at the amount of helpful advice out there. I began looking through it and trying to apply some of the principles I was learning and sure enough, slowly but surely my luck with women began to change.

After a while of putting in the effort and practice, I was able to approach women confidently, chat to them and was even getting dates and phone numbers as a result of it. This was a remarkable turn around for a shy guy who normally kept himself hidden away in the corner somewhere.

I had always thought what I said to women was the most important thing and I would worry so much that I wouldn’t make a good first impression if I didn’t get it perfect. This used to get me all worked up and even if I did get round to saying hello, it just came out in a way that made me look like a spluttering idiot. Then I learnt one of the most important things that would change my life forever.

This was the fact that women have often already made a decision about you, before you have even said anything and that actually, your body language is far more important when flirting with women. Getting it right will also help you to feel a whole lot more confident in yourself too and this works wonders to eradicate those approach nerves.

When you enter a room, or begin walking up to a woman, you want to make a powerful first impression that you are confident and sure of yourself. Your flirting body language therefore needs to start here and not when you get to her. She will pick up on this and you’ll find she responds far better than if you look all nervous, as this will put her off you before you’ve even said anything to her.

As you walk up to her, you want to be standing tall, with your head held high, showing you have a good posture. This means shoulders back and chest out. Think of it like a peacock displaying it’s feathers to a potential partner. You want to show yourself off, rather than shy away.

It shows you are confident and take pride in yourself, both of which are attractive attributes that women naturally look for in a man. Just be careful not to be over the top and strut in as this will look fake and she’ll see through this and view it as a sign of nervousness and a lack of confidence, or as arrogance, none of which are wanted outcomes.

With only this simple technique, you will already start to see that women will respond so much better when you do actually begin to talk to them. Rather than instantly dismissing your advances, she will at least give you a chance and then it’s time to turn on the charm. Just keep practicing this and soon enough, it will become second nature and you will be able to approach any woman, anywhere, anytime, and all with confidence.

The great thing is that you can practice this technique virtually anywhere too. Don’t just think of doing it around women you fancy, but try it wherever you go and it doesn’t have to just be around women either. This way you will see an improvement in your confidence in all different types of situations and this new found confidence will help to make you shine when you do start approach women.

So stop making excuses, take action and start using this flirting body language method today. For more tips on flirting for guys, click the links below and begin your journey to success with women right now.

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