Apply Rummy Rules To Your Daily Life For Amazing Results!

Everyone wants a good life and to this end we joker gamimg for ways to improve our lives from various sources. In our search for a life that produces amazing results like a better disposition, more satisfaction, increased income and overall well being, we search high and low. Sometimes inspiration can be found in the simplest of things. Take for instance a simple thing like rummy that has now gained even more popularity due to the move online, and you can learn so many things from it.

This may seem like something that we are expressing flippantly. It is just that Indian rummy is a game of such logic and a neat thought process, that only seems fair to use these rules and principles to life. A further explanation of what we mean is given below:

  1. Some things are better left to chance: In life as in the game of rummy there are some things we cannot control. In rummy it is the order of seating, the joker card and the cards you get. In life it is your parents, the way you look and the abilities you are blessed with.
  2. But once you have things in hand then use your skills to improve it: That being said as in the game, life will shape up based on how you use the skills you have been given to improve your life. Playing rummy teaches you that while you cannot help what cards you get, you can definitely improve the game with your skills.
  3. To achieve your goals it is important to prioritize: If you have played 13 cards rummy you will realize that to win you need to get your priorities in order. In life too prioritizing is probably the most vital step to manage every aspect in a better way and get good results.
  4. Think before you act so that there is less scope for errors: As it is true while you are playing, in life too a cautionary approach is called for to ensure that you minimize regrets and mishaps. A valuable lesson here is that not only should you be aware of yourself but also of others to do this.
  5. Never over commit or go beyond a limit: While you are playing for money stakes it is always cautioned to set limits and stick to them. The same way in life you also sometimes need to take a realistic look at what you can afford to spend or lose so that you are not faced with impossible situations.
  6. Sometimes giving in and quitting is better than a sure loss: As defeatist as it sounds,in rummy you have the option to drop from a game when you feel that there is no way you can win. This philosophy is definitely a precious life lesson that cannot be ignored.
  7. Use what assets you have for best effect: It is all about making the best use of what you have and playing on your strengths. This is true for rummy as well as life.

Anything we do in life no matter how small or big has the potential for teaching you something valuable, and a skill based game like rummy definitely has much to offer.

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