Comparison of the Fiat and bitcoins Payment Process

The new way of buying and selling digital currency has been named Bitwage by industry experts. You might have already heard about this latest development in the world of electronic commerce. The new system, called Bitwage, is designed to make the bitcoin payment processor transaction process between buyers and sellers easier than ever. It has already attracted some major business players. Let’s take a look at who are some of these major players who have chosen this new payment option.

Alignery is a successful ecommerce company. They deal in the sale and purchase of customized apparel. They have selected Bitwage as one of the ways they are going to sell their goods. They are free to accept any type of payment through their website and they do not charge any transaction fees for their customers. They use a network of independent distributors to provide alfacoins to their customers. When a customer makes a purchase, a part of the alfacoins from that sale will be transferred to his or her account.

The latest news in the world of economics is the value of the U.S. dollar. The currency, on its current position, is not strong compared to other major currencies. This weakness can endanger the American economy. Economic analysts believe that a weakening dollar is a symptom of an economy that is facing serious problems. Experts claim that a cure to this problem will require a different way of doing business. One solution will be to turn to the bitcoin payment processors.

Many experts agree that this weakness of the dollar is caused by the excessive demand of commodities such as oil, gold, silver and copper. The continuous high price of these commodities has been a headache for the U.S. economy. However, the introduction of the bitcoin and Litecoin payment processors can help make transactions of precious metals easier.

A person can easily transfer money using the Litecoin and bitcoin gateways. Both the coins are backed by a unique digital asset named the coinbase. The main difference between the two is that the bitcoin is not backed by any commodity, while the Litecoin is backed by the owner of the coinbase, called the “coinbase holder”.

However, the difference between the two does not end there. The main advantage of the Litecoin is that it is not governed by any government or regulatory commission. Transactions through the bitcoin payment processor are free from all forms of transaction fees. Transactions through the Fiat currency are often subject to many forms of hidden charges and surcharges. With the help of the bitcoin gateways, you can make secure transactions of the Litecoin by just paying the low transaction fee.

The low transaction fee is one of the benefits that most people are looking forward to when they use the Litecoin and bitcoin payment gateways. Another advantage is that the users’ account gets upgraded automatically as the value of the virtual asset rises. This ensures that no new users need to be added to the list of merchants. This also ensures that the merchants can easily control their resources without being tied down with endless upgrades of their software application.

Various third-party groups have come up with their own unique implementations of the bitcoin technology. One such group is alfacoins who have developed their own software for the Litecoin and bitcoin payment processors. With their open source code, merchants can make secure transactions of the alfacoins with just the click of a mouse. This proves that the technology of the bitcoin and Litecoins is here to stay for the long term.

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